T.I. Has An Important Message For Fans About Dreams And Ideals

T.I. Has An Important Message For Fans About Dreams And Ideals
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T.I. is always offering inspiring messages and posts to his IG fans, and he continues to do this. Check out a message that he just dropped on social media, having fans in awe. 

'If you get finessed out your future... it wasn't yours. #KingsThoughts👑' Tip said.

A follower noted this message: 'Congratulations, this is superb!❤️🤝' and someone else said: 'Hush your mouth and keep on talking "Tip"'

Someone said: 'I understand that recent times are difficult for a lot of you right now and if anyone is feeling low or sad I just hope you guys feel better and know you are not alone! I've recently made a song called Imperfect, which is probably relatable for a lot of you right now made from my personal experiences, with a positive message you all should believe! You aren't perfect, but I know that you're worth it! If it helps uplift or motivates or motivate you in any way, please let me know cause it would make my day! I hope things get better for all of you feeling down.'

A follower posted this message: 'They’re the only ones that do it 😂', and one other commenter said: 'Just make them reality a dream is just that.'

Someone else said: 'I laughed and laughed because of the story that the kid got finessed by and how I felt the word.'

A follower said: 'What’s for me is for me and what isn’t isn’t so I just vibe along the journey but visions my friend visions are very real.'

Someone else said: 'I say this all the time!!!!! People know exactly what they want to do. that’s why I’m so headstrong.'


T.I. shared a video and message on his social media account that managed to impress fans. Check out his post that triggered a debate. 

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