T.I. Gushes Over Trippie Redd While He's Interviewed By Kids

T.I. Gushes Over Trippie Redd While He's Interviewed By Kids
Credit: BET

T.I. shared a video featuring young Trippie Redd being interviewed by kids. Check out the cute clip below.

'Catch lil bro @trippieredd getting pressure applied by the littlest homies on Arts & Raps OUT NOW @alldef #UDIGG,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone said: 'Bruh soooo right! Black folks definitely believe in ghosts and spirits and we don’t mess wit nunnnn of em! Lmaooo.'

One follower had an unrelated question for Tip. Here it is: 'I have a question for you. You talk about loving your women. Or loving your ppl. My child is mixed. Is he apart of ur group? He wants to know. I am I a part of ur group since I'm his mom or am I left out? It is hard when u become so group-specific. Do u want to leave ur half brothers aside? Just asking.'

A follower responded to the fan above with: 'if you're black you're black regardless. If it's in his DNA there is no reason for him to be confused about his RACE not group. But we're all just humans kill the group talk and you can be apart of whatever you want to be girl. It just sounds like your categorizing life way too much.'

A follower asked: 'Where can we watch this 😂✌🏾💜' The video can be watched on YouTube and you can also check it out below:

One YouTuber said: 'Weird how it was targeting his beliefs and all this “god stuff” at random they are trying to tell him something he just froze up and couldn’t answer.'

Another fan said: 'Somebody is raising that young man upright baby yasssssss! Where’s the lie?'

In other news, during a new interview with rapper T.I., former boxer Mike Tyson had a few bombshells about his own children.

While he was invited on T.I.’s ExpediTIously podcast , the controversial boxing legend said it hurts him that his children do not like black people and only date other races.

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