T.I. Gushes Over Snoop Dogg And Trick Daddy Dollars - See Snoop's Announcement That Impressed Tip

T.I. Gushes Over Snoop Dogg And Trick Daddy Dollars - See Snoop's Announcement That Impressed Tip
Credit: BET

T.I. is always here for his brothers from the music industry and not only. He's been always extremely supportive of others, and he has been promoting talent worth being recognized for a really long time.

Now, the rapper gushed over Snoop Dogg, who praised Trick Daddy Dollars. Check out Tip and Snoop's messages below.

'Damn Right!!! Congratulations Trick!!!' Tip wrote, reposting Snoop's message and photo.

A follower criticized T.I. and said: 'You haven’t posted anything about trick daddy now all of a sudden you wanna praise these celebrities be killing me bro.'

Someone else wrote: 'look like he's just reposting something he agrees with...something everyone does on social media lol.'

Another fan said: 'Great sentiment... he still needs to clean up his act... too old and too respected to keep up that lifestyle... plus doesn't he have a health concern?'

A commenter also shared their opinion and said: 'Lol y’all love to play the black man vs the world card everybody shared his restaurant and radio show HE messed up on his own and people shared that too. In 2020 y’all need to learn a new work ACCOUNTABILITY!'

Someone else posted this: 'That's wonderful he still needs rehab and if he doesn't stop smoking primos and start taking his lupus medication he in a world of trouble.'

One other person also mentioned the fact that Trick has lupus: 'He already has Lupus why to more struggle to your health by doing drugs🤷🏽‍♀️'

T.I. was recently in the spotlight again after he invited Taraji P Henson on his ExpediTIously podcast to discuss the condition of black actresses in Hollywood.

The actress who is loved by a lot of people from the community had some pretty interesting things to say, and you should definitely check out the video that the rapper shared on his social media account.


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