T.I. Gushes Over Domani Harris' Music With New Video

T.I. Gushes Over Domani Harris' Music With New Video
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T.I. has been extremely supportive of his son's new music. Domani Harris released 'Time Will Tell' and everyone is hyped about this.

Both Tip and Tiny Harris have been supporting and promoting their son's music via social media. Here's Tip's latest clip:

Someone said, 'Usually, Kids Don’t Follow There Fathers Footsteps But This Tip All Ova Again Good Album.'

Another follower posted: 'Domani, King and Niq Niq are the musicians! Messiah, Deyjah and Major will be focused on the business side of things.'

A fan gushed over Domani and said, 'Wow, this project is amazing. I was impressed. That boy put his whole heart and soul in his music. Very talented. I’m sure you are a proud pops.'

Someone else also loves his music: 'i am 50+ and i can honestly say, I love his style and his words have meaning. that right there reminds me of the old hip hop.'

A follower posted: 'I love this track omg💖😁💯.. the lyrics.. the beat.. the whole vibe. Damn, I’m downloading it right now keep grinding young man💪🏽🔥' while another person said, 'Can't be anything but proud and happy for this young king !!! Good FAMILY makes a true difference !!'

Someone addressed a line and said, 'When he said in school “why I gotta check the box saying I'm black, why the f yall gotta know.” That line is deep 🤯 he right why does it matter that the person taking the test is black or Asian or Indian 🤔'

Speaking of family and kids, T.I. posted a clip to tease his fans with the new episode from T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle.

The rapper is making fun of Tiny Harris . He says that she lacks authority over the kids, and his impression of Tiny putting the kids in their place is gold.

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