T.I. 'Grateful' To Celebrate Eighth Marriage Anniversary With Tiny - Surprised They 'Lasted This Long'

T.I. 'Grateful' To Celebrate Eighth Marriage Anniversary With Tiny - Surprised They 'Lasted This Long'
Credit: Source: billboard.com

Tiny Harris and T.I. are still going strong despite the rapper’s scandal. Are you surprised? Don’t worry, he is as well!

As fans may be aware, the married pair and their children are off to their eighth marriage anniversary vacation.

The two made sure to keep their followers posted on their tropical paradise getaway by posting Instagram Story videos featuring them and their family.

It seems like TIP did his best to plan an amazing vacation, renting a luxurious hilltop mansion with a pool.

Tiny Harris gave him yet another chance, and he is not about to ruin it – the rapper knows all too well it’s a miracle the Xscape singer did not go through with the divorce.

That being said, one insider shared with HollywoodLife that ‘T.I. is shocked and grateful for his wedding anniversary with Tiny. He loves the mother of his children with all his heart, but after many mistakes over the years, he sincerely did not know if they would last this long. Tip is the first to admit his mistakes, and he is surprised that Tiny‘s love for him has been stronger than his time in prison, and his other slip-ups as a faithful husband.’

You may remember that ‘They came very close to divorce several times over the years.’

‘As they celebrated another year together, TI has never been so happy, in love or grateful that Tiny is forgiving, loving and still by his side,’ the source went on.

Do you think T.I. deserved this chance after the butt slapping scandal?

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  • Lolita
    Lolita Jul 31, 2018 10:12 PM PDT

    I think they should stop airing all their business. They are much too old to post every thing about their relationship on social media. Something's you just keep to yourself. I mean who really cares! They have children and need to show respect to them and them selves. What ever happen to shame? I'll continue to keep you both and the children in prayer. TI get it together, please! Tiny loves you according to all her post. Food for thought.... Life is like a vapor. Treasure each other!

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