T.I. Gets Slammed After Inviting This Rapper On His Podcast - People Accuse Him Of Supporting An Abuser

T.I. Gets Slammed After Inviting This Rapper On His Podcast - People Accuse Him Of Supporting An Abuser
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T.I. addressed a lot of exciting subjects on his latest podcast that featured Fabolous. They talked about success, lessons learned along the way, and more. Check out the video below.

'Me & @myfabolouslife discuss everything on this episode of #ExpediTIously... how he's managed to sustain his success over decades, lessons we've learned along the way,& more!!! Tune in NOW‼️ @podcastone @applepodcasts & now @spotify,' Tip captioned his post.

People were angry that Tip invited him due to the abuse between Fabolous and his GF, Emily.

An angry fan said: 'Did y’all discuss his domestic violence and knocking Emily teeth out?'

Someone else posted this: 'right. From observation, misogyny is so prevalent in media. Interviewers tend to stay on topic about a man's music, art, career, but when a woman on the same platform is interviewed, questions take a turn towards personal life: kids, love life, body image, etc. No, 🗣keep that same energy and ask about that nxgguhs demons!'

One follower also had a few words for Tip: 'TIP you know we love you, but how do you support and or highlight a man that promotes domestic violence? Is this discussed in your podcast?'

Someone else said: 'Right I agree 💯 life is a learning experience that what' God put us here for to learn and grow to proctor our family and do right by them.'

One commenter had something to tell Tip: 'Bring back Karlos Miller and B. Simone. Those episodes had a bunch of great advice @troubleman31.'

Someone else said: 'His addition always been the females his topic of rap never changed. Other rappers had to adjust wit the younger generation because “we don’t sell the dope no more we use it”'

Recently, Tip has fans emotional with a video that he chose to share on his social media account.

The video featured Nipsey Hussle that has his fans emotional. The late rapper has some pretty interesting things to say, and the video is worth watching.

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