T.I Gets Honest And Raw About Tiny Harris's Daughter, Zonnique Pullins's Relationship With Rapper Bandhunta Izzy

T.I Gets Honest And Raw About Tiny Harris's Daughter, Zonnique Pullins's Relationship With Rapper Bandhunta Izzy
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In a recent episode of his podcast, ExpediTIously , T.I. sat down with fellow rapper Fabolous where they were honest with their feelings about a private matter.

The pair opened up about their adult stepdaughters dating famous rappers. T.I. sees the 23-year-old singer and singer Zonnique Pullins, who is the daughter of Tiny Harris as his own.

The diva is in a serious romance with Baltimore rapper Bandhunta Izzy. As for Fabolous, his stepdaughter, 21-year-old Taina Williams, is dating Chicago rapper G Herbo.

Fabolous and T.I. said while they are fully aware of the lifestyle that comes with being a famous MC, they are not jumping to the conclusion with the young rappers.

Fabolous stated: “Of course, I was watchful, but I tried not to be judgmental ’cause I know how we’re judged. I know from just walking in a room and you having the title of a rapper, automatically, the bad boy, you did wrong, infidelity. And that’s not to say those titles — every stereotype comes from experience. It doesn’t come out of anywhere, so I do understand it. But at the same time, let me not judge him until I know him. That’s what I wanted to do with him.”

As for T.I., he had the following to say: “That makes sense. I have a completely different approach. With me, it’s f–k this ni–a ’til he shows me otherwise. Do you dig what I’m saying? I must say, the young man that she’s dealing with, he’s a cool cat. He’s a respectable young man. I even went so far as to check his background, where he’s from, and his pedigree seems to come back without a tarnish. So I don’t have anything negative to say about him. However, I am uncomfortable with what may potentially transpire in the future. Now that’s my discomfort exclusively. I don’t share that discomfort with her or him. I try not to let my level of discomfort bleed over into their happiness. I just remain quietly uncomfortable, to myself [laughs].”

T.I. concluded by saying that he hopes his baby girl and Bandhunta Izzy get married and live happily ever after: “I’ll admit this, they’ve lasted a lot longer than I expected, so at this point, I’m rooting for them to go all the way."

The young women seem to have things under control.

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