T.I. Gets Birthday Billboard From Wife Tameka 'Tiny' Harris

T.I. Gets Birthday Billboard From Wife Tameka 'Tiny' Harris
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Love is in the air, Tameka "Tiny" Harris went out and spent a ton of money on a larger than life billboard for T.I. who is celebrating his birthday.

It is crystal clear, Bernice Burgos is out of sight and out of mind.

After months of fighting and insulting each other on social media over stories of infidelity, Tiny and T.I. have called off their divorce.

To mark their love and reconciliation, the couple flew to Saint Lucia for a romantic getaway and later traveled to The Bahamas for a family vacation.

On September 25th, the rapper turned 37, and according to rumors, Tiny threw a lavish party with his close friends and family members.

Additionally, she paid for a huge billboard located on Camp Creek Pkwy in Atlanta, Georgia.

It read: “King of the south. Happy Birthday, TIP! From the one who loves and adores you the most.”

According to sources, Tiny will probably give TIP the gift of a lifetime -- herself in hot lingerie.

A pal claimed: “Tiny is very committed to keeping things hot in the bedroom. She is doing all kinds of things. First of all, she went out and bought a whole closet full of new bedroom clothes. She threw out all her old boring stuff, like her ugly housecoat. Now she only wears cute stuff in front of her husband. She wants to be T.I.’s dream woman at all times, and that takes work.”

The person added: “She is been playing around a lot with wigs too, in and out of the bedroom, because Tip loves it when she changes her hairstyle. She has got a short pink one and a really long straight platinum blonde one that goes past her butt, kind of like the way Kim Kardashian has been wearing her hair lately. And you should see the shoes she is been wearing for him! He really loves super high stripper shoes. Tiny spent a fortune ordering all these amazing heels; she is having a lot of fun and TIP’s loving it too.”

Commenters are happy that the couple is moving in the right direction.

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  • Donna
    Donna Sep 27, 2017 8:57 PM PDT

    It's sweet and all, but don't lose yourself trying to please him, he has the problem not you

  • Sandra Grims
    Sandra Grims Sep 26, 2017 11:38 AM PDT

    Go head on Tiny....... I love you and your husband and I hope you guys stick it out. To all you gold digging side b***hes, KICK ROCKS....

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