T.I. Disses 'Selfish' Travis Scott For Accepting To Perform At The Super Bowl

T.I. Disses 'Selfish' Travis Scott For Accepting To Perform At The Super Bowl
Credit: Source: allhiphop.com

It is as clear as day that T.I. is on the list of stars who are not Okay with Travis Scott performing at the Super Bowl! Tiny Harris’ hubby slammed his fellow rapper, and said that he hopes one day he will stop being this ‘selfish.’

During an interview with TMZ, Tip was asked if he believes Travis was ‘not down for the culture’ when he chose to take the gig.

‘I don’t know,’ T.I replied, choosing to slam Travis in a more subtle way than many others who have dragged Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy.

‘I think every man [has] an opportunity. He can make a decision for himself, or he can be selfless. And, no one can tell someone when to be selfless. That is every man’s right to choose that very moment for themselves. So, if this isn't something he wanted to be selfless about, hopefully, in the future, we will see other moments where he will. And that is all I can say,’ he went on throw shade at Travis.

In case you are not aware of why Scott’s decision to perform at the event is so controversial, is all because of the way the NFL treated Colin Kaepernick.

The player chose to kneel during the national anthem as a way to protest the unjust ways in which the African-American community is treated by the police.

Instead of general praise, he was also criticized for his gesture since many thought he was insulting the military by kneeling.

And while others recognized his protest against the systemic ‘oppression of people of color’ the NFL did not support him.

Colin accused the organization of conspiring to rob him of his beloved career.

In response, many rappers have been standing by Colin, so Travis choosing to perform at the Super Bowl has been widely criticized.


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Posted on Sep 14, 2021 4:28 PM PDT