T.I. Destroys Donald Trump Backer Candace Owens In Wild Video Where He Asked, 'When Was America Great?'

T.I. Destroys Donald Trump Backer Candace Owens In Wild Video Where He Asked, 'When Was America Great?'
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T.I. is not one to be messed with and Donald Trump's supporter, Candace Owens, learned that the hard way.

The rapper and activist took part at the weekend's Revolt Summit, where a long list of topics was discussed.

When the panel decided to focus on Trump's controversial slogan, "Make America Great Again," Candace decided to defend her president, and Tiny Harris's husband was not having it.

To push back the fact that many see the slogan racist, Candace said: "That was Ronald Reagan's slogan. Was it racist when Ronald Reagan had it?"

T.I. came out swinging with this question: "Please answer this. When you say ‘Make America Great Again,’ which period are we talking about? The period when women couldn’t vote, the period when we were hanging from trees, or the crack era? Which period in America are you trying to make America like again?"

The conservative darling tried to use slavery to deflect from the matter, and T.I.P. hit back with: "Because you're making light of the enslavement of people that look like us. That ain't nothing you breeze over."

One person had this reaction: "😂😂💀💀 She hoped off-topic I caught on she never answered his question but tried to squeeze a different statement which has nothing to do with America statement 🤔..... just answer the damn question 🤔..... about America not other countries America only we clearly acknowledge the fact slavery took part everywhere else but right now T.I is talking bout America is she slow or something."

Another commenter stated: "Ain’t no coming back once be hops on the trump train. She can remain on that side. She wanted attention and got her wish. We should never give light to our enemies, and yes, she is an enemy."

This person explained: "This was good. Love to see you on one of these bosses! I’ve been asking that exact same question. What period was “great” that we need to go back to again? And for whom? Being she’s a sister, I ain’t trying to come at her a certain way, but some of this rhetoric is like tip said bullsh@t. She didn’t answer the question he presented."

A social media user claimed: "How can anyone even expect her to be able to respond adequately when she can’t even hear herself speak. The purpose of asking her a question to hear what she has to say about it. So let her finish, even if she stutters, even if the first thing out of her mouth is stupid...then if you wanna drag her for her whole response, go ahead."

This fifth commenter said: "Don’t know when people are going to learn that TI is not to be played with; this brother is intelligent, articulate & very savvy when it comes to political prowess. She should leave the stage expeditiously 😂."

Killer Mike and Trump's advisor, Katrina Pierson, were also part of the conversation.

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