T.I. Confronts Tiny Harris Over This Swagalicious Photo -- Xscape Singer Defends Herself

T.I. Confronts Tiny Harris Over This Swagalicious Photo -- Xscape Singer Defends Herself
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Diva Tiny Harris recently got busted by her own husband, T.I., and it was all done on social media.

Recently, the rapper took to Instagram, and he posted a sweet photo where he is walking through a hotel lobby, with Tiny, a step behind him.

The photo clearly shows Tiny admiring T.I.'s butt, and he confronted her by writing: "@majorgirl keeping her eyes on da goods... Somebody, please tell her my eyes are up here🙄."

Tiny attempted to defend herself by blaming it on T.I.P.'s fashionable jacket. The singer said: "That jacket is nice."

One fan mocked Tiny by replying: "You know you weren't looking at his jacket, I know I wouldn't have been..sure it is Sus, that X-ray vision showing you something even better tho! 😂✊🏾💯"

Another commenter stated: "I will be doing the same watching how they walk swagalicious 😫lol 😂 your curled lips, smirk, and dreamy bedroom eyes are saying something else is nice lmbooooo, and my guess is, it's not the jacket sis."

The backer of the power couple revealed: "All of you are my favorite; I cried when you broke and rejoiced when you got back together! Keep showing us what Black Love looks like 🙌🏾."

This person had the following to say: "It's funny how women look at our buts lol n don't let it be a group of women lmao there eyes be cracking me up. You not looking at no jacket......that’s dope admire what’s yours!!!!!!"

Recently, the rapper took to Instagram, where she praised Tiny for sticking around and having his back.

The MC wrote: "I love you, Mrs. H. @majorgirl imperfections, misunderstandings, and all.... we've shared most of the happiest moments of our lives together. I know I've had my moments, but... despite all my shortcomings & transgressions, the fact remains... You Give me a thousand choices & I'd choose you every time. 🚫🧢 I couldn't imagine living in a world without you...or leaving you and the kids to have to live without me. I'm determined to make you happy by any means necessary... LIKE IT OR NOT!!! To love, cherish, protect, provide, & whatever df else it takes... Forever!!!#MrandMrsH."

What are your thoughts on the photo? Can T.I. move on from the recent drama with his family?

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