T.I. Comes Clean About Lauren London After The Kodak Black Feud -- Viral Video Explains Why Tiny Harris' Husband Defended Nipsey Hussle's Girlfriend

T.I. Comes Clean About Lauren London After The Kodak Black Feud --  Viral Video Explains Why Tiny Harris' Husband Defended Nipsey Hussle's Girlfriend
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After rapper Nipsey Hussle was tragically shot and killed, Kodak Black made some shocking remarks regarding his girlfriend, Lauren London.

According to Black, he would be a perfect “replacement” for Hussle in London’s life, and he would be the best man for her in the current situation.

Black added that he would probably give London a year to recover from the incident before making any moves, however.

Black initially tried to walk back the comments after getting bashed left and right.

He stated: "Man, listen. I said what I said. Y’all tryin’ to misconstrue what I said…I don’t give f*** what y’all talkin’ about…T.I., man, I don’t care. I’m in Georgia right now,” the “ZEZE” rapper said in an Instagram Live session on April 6. Kodak did attempt to apologize to Lauren the next day…well, sort of. “If I disrespected you, Lauren London, in any shape or form, I’m sorry…even though I didn’t…Rest in peace to [Nipsey], if I disrespected Lauren London in any way even though I know I didn’t, my bad."

And when T.I. came out to defend his friend's honor, Black suggested that he probably wanted London too. The tense exchanges went on for days.

This does not seem to have gone over too well with T.I. himself, who wanted to clarify the situation and explain his side.

According to the rapper, he is not trying to call “dibs” on the girlfriend of his deceased fellow entertainer, nor does he have any intentions of this sort in the first place.

He sounded disappointed over the statement made by Mr. Black and did not hold back his feelings when responding to his new nemesis.

T.I. also added that he believed Hussle would agree with him if he were still alive.

He stated: "I see myself in this. And I only wanna handle him the way I feel that he would handle me. That’s it…If a muthaf***a were to speak out and say something out of line about my old lady after my untimely demise, I feel like he ain’t just gon’ speak up — he gon’ pull up."

He added: "I owe him that same respect. I owe him that exact same respect, so I’ma go hard. Hey, Kodak Black: You outta pocket, *****. Fix that s**t — quickly, expeditiously. If I see you, I’ma say it to your face. You outta pocket, *****. Get your motherf***in’ self together."

The rapper saw the incident as an attack on Hussle’s girlfriend, something which he did not want to tolerate, and felt the need to step up and say something.

Many have commented on the situation afterward, pointing out that the behavior displayed by Black is indeed disappointing in the overall context of things.

The passing of Hussle has had a shocking effect on the entertainment community, and in some cases, it is easy to see how shaken up some celebrities are and how deeply their own lives have been impacted.


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  • Monica T Robinson
    Monica T Robinson Dec 9, 2019 5:26 AM PST

    I say if you get married stay married i never been married but my my grandmother and grandfather was married for a very long time and died together through ups and downs for T.i and tiny they have to work it out! If they gonna make it work don't let the public decide let you and god decide! If it was me and i was married i would work it out! Not say with him but in General! Life is what you make it people are going to want you to get a divorce and look stupid and have regrets and have a reason to break up a happy home! It's to you to keep it strong! And make people look a fool! Why get married in the first place if you going to depart see that is why I'm skeptical of getting married is my other person going to walk out after all the time we put in nonsense! Through thick n thin seriously! Don't let me dictate it bit give a sense that there is hope there no telling what tomorrow brings!

    • Black and white
      Black and white Feb 9, 2020 9:52 PM PST

      And what makes it so happy? Money? If T.I. was broke and cheating and trying to be king ding a long would you still have all this energy? I see in this new age men don't actually have to love, honor, and respect women. They just have to be able to buy them. That mentality is exactly why we have so many sorry men and far too many insecure and self loathing bitter women. Stop thinking your p is a bargaining chip for a purse. Make these dudes accountable for your physical and mental well-being. Stop being desperate.

  • Calvin Guthrie
    Calvin Guthrie Apr 13, 2019 8:38 PM PDT

    I don't think he was jesus but a messenger for those that was lost in his time and abroad you must understand when you are making a change in the minds of peoples blacks especially about life, wisdom of self , and aids now you see is your eyes (open)

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