T.I. Calls Out Tiny Harris Over This Picture And Xscape Diva Expeditiously Answers Back

T.I. Calls Out Tiny Harris Over This Picture And Xscape Diva Expeditiously Answers Back
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Papa T.I. has just discovered that his baby girl, Heiress Harris, looks just like him and his wife and singer, Tiny Harris, has her opinion on the matter.

The famous rapper and activist shared side-by-side pictures of himself as a little boy with a recent one of Heiress and had this caption: "Twinz‼️
I just let @majorgirl think she looks like her🤫
That’s our lil secret tho😉."

Tiny was quick to answer her husband: "Okay okay don’t let me put my pic up next to hers sir!! She does look a lot like u tho😩😘."

One fan weighed in saying: "O wow. She does look like you. I thought the other pic was Major for real. Domani looks exactly like your baby picture at his age now."

Another commenter stated: "All I see is Messiah in that picture of you 😂😭."

This person revealed: "Same baby different gender 😂😂😂🤷🏾I always said heiress, Major, Messiah and H are your twins 🙈 it’s crazy how they all had your face."

T.I. is planning something unique, and his recent hints about an upcoming work titled "expediTIously" were all about that.

Many of his fans thought that the rapper was coming out with a new album or something more traditional.

However, instead, T.I. has decided to start a new podcast, in which he will be talking in detail about various pressing issues in society at the moment.

Many of the rapper's fans have pointed out that this is a smart move, as it leverages the reputation he has for being outspoken, deep, and thoughtful.

This could be an exciting production, and many are already looking forward to it with great enthusiasm. T.I. has taken the time to tease some details about what is coming up, and it looks like he has put a lot of work into this already.

The rapper has confirmed that he is going to have guests that include LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Tiny, and more and he will discuss various important issues of modern society with them.

The podcast comes at an exciting time, and it could find an excellent position in the current political and social climate.

Many people have been eager to discuss these issues at length, and it is good to see that someone in a position as prominent as T.I.'s has decided to take matters into their own hands.

Hopefully, his podcast sees success because it could be relevant to many, not just the rapper's fans.

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