T.I. Calls 50 Cent A 'Legend' After He Posted This Never-Before-Seen Photo -- Fans Say The 'Power' Actor Was Always A Driven Man

T.I. Calls 50 Cent A 'Legend' After He Posted This Never-Before-Seen Photo -- Fans Say The 'Power' Actor Was Always A Driven Man
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T.I. and fellow MC 50 Cent have never hidden their respect and admiration for each other. And the two rappers have frequently exchanged positive remarks that have drawn a lot of their fans’ attention.

Recently, T.I. wanted to make it clear that things have not changed in this regard, as he made a good shout-out to 50 Cent, letting everyone know how impressed he was with his hustle over the years.

50 Cent posted a photo of himself at the age of 19 next to what he described as his first car, with many of his fans pointing out how impressive it was that he was so successful that early on.

The Power actor and producer wrote: “This was my first Benz at 19 fool, got this out the mud don’t ever mistake me for these guys.”

T.I. chimed in as well, confirming those notions and noting that 50 Cent has been active in the hustle game for a long time now.

Tiny Harris’ husband wrote: “A Benz out the trap at 19?? Legend!!!” T.I.P. himself has been having great success with his own career lately, and his new podcast ExpediTIously has been an enormous accomplishment.

The rapper and activist has been taking the opportunity to discuss various issues at length, some of which have been quite prevalent in society for a while now.

He has brought many guests onboard that have shared some fascinating, in-depth conversations with him, and it looks like he is going to enjoy even more success in the future if he keeps up the good game.

The same can be said for 50 Cent himself, who has been developing his career without a break despite being on the scene for a very long time at this point and being very controversial.

Whenever T.I. is around, the conversation is profound, and one fan used the comment section to shed light on this matter: “I don’t think anyone has to ask why black ppl in America would want to escape from reality or look for something to ease their mental and emotional pain. Of course, drugs are not the answer. It’s similar to why liquor stores are on every corner in the hood - bc it makes sense that many black ppl would want to drink away their blues. A lot of ppl were going through hard times in the late 80s and 90s. Unemployment in certain black neighborhoods was at 30%. Ppl were down and out. Ppl bought crack bc it was such a cheap high. The problem was that it was super addictive. From what I understand, addiction came with the 1st use of crack. I don’t think that a lot of ppl knew they would become so addicted if they tried it only once. Most ppl using drugs are self-medicating, trying to escape mental and emotional pain. Considering the black experience in America, it makes sense that a lot of black people would be experiencing mental and emotional pain. The addiction part is something that many don’t expect and often can’t control without medical help, so ppl then continue to buy crack to feed the physical addiction that was created. Addiction is a disease, an actual medical condition. The drugs change a person’s biology and brain signals, tricking the body into thinking they need the drugs and creating unpleasant physical symptoms if they don’t continue to take drugs.”

T.I. and 50 are very different, but their drive is quite similar.

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