T.I. Bashes Haters Who Went Slammed Tiny Harris' Body After He Shared Family Pictures From Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards

T.I. Bashes Haters Who Went Slammed Tiny Harris' Body After He Shared Family Pictures From Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards
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Rapper T.I. went after all the haters who are bashing his wife underneath a few pictures he shared that were taken at the 2019 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards held at the Galen Center on Saturday in Los Angeles, California.

T.I. posed with Tiny Harris, his children -- Heiress and King, and other family members.

A few haters decided to bash Tiny's body, and T.I.P. slammed them by saying: "Ok, maybe this is a teachable moment... What do y’all really hope to achieve by coming on my page speaking ill of my wife under a picture of my family???? WTF make y’all think I’m just gon let y’all Try ME & MINES???? I’m showing restraint because y’all are young black women and IM TRYING MY BEST to respect you and uplift you like you ALL DESERVE. But YALL GOT ME FUCKED UP SHAWTY... Be out here shaped like a whole 2liter Peach Faygo and got the nerve to make critical, disrespectful comments about MINES?!?! I obviously love it and have loved it for over 18yrs now... IF YOU HAD A MAN, WHO LOVED YOU AS MUCH AS I LOVE HER I doubt you’d be miserable enough to leave such hateful comments. Let’s not have this discussion again... Now Get a Life witcha goofy a$ses✌🏽- #KingsThoughts."

One fan said: "Haters are gone to hate and whatever was said they only wish they had a man that cared about them the way u love ur wife and family. I'm also proud that u kept it together and didn't disrespect just because they went low u was man enough to go high. Love it💜🧡👏👏👏👏😍😍😍

A critic wrote: "I think he did treat her bad at times, but the way he feels about her will never change, I just don’t like the fact that people try to make him not love her by her looks smh."

This supporter stated: "I agree with him...she’s a beautiful lady, and she is his wife so obviously, he doesn’t have a problem with her. Leave this lady alone. If they had someone to love them as they love yours, they wouldn’t have time to put nothing negative under no one’s post. I wish you wouldn’t have responded to their ignorance, but I’m glad you did king 🤴🏽!! Love you and Tiny love."

Tiny is there for his family.

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  • Stephanie McNell
    Stephanie McNell Mar 24, 2019 10:40 AM PDT

    Good afternoon,I wish everyone would mind their own business.There are more serious things happening in the world that they can focus on.Stop trying to put someone done.I always said we are our worse enemy.Let pull together not apart and leave the Harris family alone.Love yall much Stephanie McNell-Baton Rouge,Louisiana

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