T.I. Attacks Female Rappers While Tiny Harris Tells Young Girls To Stay Away From Bad Boys In Audacious Video Interview

T.I. Attacks Female Rappers While Tiny Harris Tells Young Girls To Stay Away From Bad Boys In Audacious Video Interview
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Diva Tiny Harris and her rapper husband, T.I., sat down for a lengthy interview where they made some surprising comments that angered a few people.

The power couple has had their share of cheating scandals and drama, and now they are talking about other people's romance.

While talking about music, T.I. once more went after female rappers for their explicit lyrics. According to the reality TV stars, rap music made by female MCs, (Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, and Megan Thee Stallion), is killing romance.

On his podcast, ExpediTIously , the Atlanta rapper asked: “Do you think that today’s music and pop culture, in general, has anything to do with how people think about relationships and marriage?”

Tiny responded by: “I think yeah, it can be a distraction because, you know, there’s a lot of h**s and b*****s… like there’s no real love in the songs.”

T.I. said: “Y’all don’t wanna hear that s**t, listen, man, I’ve seen more girls sing the most derogatory raps.”

Tiny shared: “Everybody’s getting away from love, and the music is f*****g everybody up.”

T.I.P. continued: “The way that y’all [women] gravitate to – and I would also add that you say you want a certain type of man, but you continuously allow yourself to be attracted to the antithesis.”

Tiny also warned her daughters and nieces about dating “bad boys.”

Some slammed Tiny for sticking with a man who cheats on her all the time, and others bashed T.I. for being a terrible husband and always blaming women.

One defender said: "They both spoke nothing but the truth! This marketing of music just ain’t right anymore. There’s no love, no genuine passion for the music anymore. Any and everybody is just doing it for the money and attention."

Another commenter claimed: "Here they go again with their love for toxic masculinity! This an awkward topic for them because she’s an example of dating a man that dogs you out she’s even married him 🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Why is he always blaming women, though?!?!"

This person shared: "There are female rap artists out here that are rapping about real-life issues and things that are positive. But that kind of music isn’t “lit” to you. They aren’t appropriately promoted, and nobody pays attention to them."

A fourth follower claimed: "There’s a market for it, but the kids don’t want to hear that sadly. They’d rather hear about guns, drugs, and having girls. 🤷🏽‍♂️I’m doing my part in trying to bring back good music, but it takes more than just a few to bring back GOOD MUSIC!"

Those two always stick together.

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