T.I. Announces New Series Of 'The Grand Hustle' - It Starts Tomorrow

T.I. Announces New Series Of 'The Grand Hustle' - It Starts Tomorrow
Credit: Source: bet.com

After celebrating Tiny Harris' birthday and offering her some pretty amazing gifts, T.I. has some exciting announcement for his fans and Instagram followers. A new series of their favorite show begins tomorrow on BET. Just check out Tip's announcement and the video that he posted on his Instagram account.

'2 days out!!!! U SEE IT!!!! #TheGrandHustle 7/19 Thursday night 10 pm @BET' Tip captioned his post and made his fans more than excited.

'That's whats wrong with these youngsters, they didn't listen when Jay said, there comes a time when you gotta change clothes...when I was a child, I did as a child, but when I became a man, I put away my childish wayz...change clothes,' one of his followers said referring to the fact that especially lately, Tip has been showing off some pretty gorgeous suits.

'I just bumped into TI on the street he was talking On the phone I didn’t want to disturb him but, I couldn’t help shaking hands with him and kept walking. Damn! Wanted a selfie so bad but like I said he was busy on his cellphone handling his business oh well ?' one excited fan posted being at the same time disappointed that they didn't get a photo with the famous rapper.

'Urban kids are blessed to have you. My question is, how can we get you to bless Rural kids in West GA communities? They love you and deserves to be in the presence of greatness @troubleman31,' someone else gushed over Tiny Harris' hubby.

Speaking of Tiny, we're really curious whether these two managed to sort things out after his alleged cheating and whether things are good between them again. Tip did his best and tried to make up to Tiny with his incredible gifts for her birthday which also included a fantastic Mercedes.


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