T.I. Announces New Music From His Son, Domani Harris - Listen Here

T.I. Announces New Music From His Son, Domani Harris - Listen Here
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T.I. could not a prouder dad. He's recently gushed over his son King's first performance, and now, he's announcing new music coming from his other son, Domani Harris. Check it out below.

People are congratulating Domani in Tip's comments section, and they're also praising the rapper for raising such awesome kids.

Someone said 'He’s actually Quality, actually Talented, in his own right—on his own, even if no one knew Cliff was his father. / @domaniharris1: Good work, youngsir. I’ll buy your work and support you going forward. Keep it up. 💪🏽💯'

Another follower wrote 'I love this man--you are incredibly talented. So proud of you Baby.🏆🏆🏆♥️ ❤️🔥🔥⭐⭐The Vibe is New, and nobody will get you confused with anybody else. Beautiful Domani'

Someone else posted '@domaniharris1 I really like this..Dope beat 🔥🔥 nice flow Domani mad creative. I look forward to watching his growth.👑'

One other supporter wrote '@troubleman31 I see the young king has really elevated his craft. I salute you first and foremost on a great job as his parent and salute to you too @domaniharris1 keep grinding!! 💯'

Someone else told Tip: 'You trained up some awesome young black men👑🖤'

Recently, the whole Harris family was crushed when Precious died, but they have been trying to cope with the pain for her sake.

Tip’s family, friends, and fans were here for him, and their followers and fans have been flooding his social media with many kind words and prayers.

He and Tiny Harris, together with the family and friends continue to celebrate Precious' life .

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