T.I. And Tiny's Daughter Baby Heiress Diana Puts On Makeup In Cute Video That Will Melt Your Heart

T.I. And Tiny's Daughter Baby Heiress Diana Puts On Makeup In Cute Video That Will Melt Your Heart
Credit: Instagram

T.I. and Tiny are a power couple, but we all know that the star in the family is baby Heiress Diana.

Heiress is melting hearts in the newest video shared by her mother.

The one-year-old tries to put on makeup and fans of the Harris family loved the moment.

In the brief clip, the youngest member of the Harris clan walks as fast as her tiny feet can carry her around the bathroom.

She found makeup sponges and applicators and handed them to Tiny.

The little girl eventually fell on a few brushes and decided she would keep them to do what all ladies do - she starred into the mirror and attempted to put makeup on to be beautiful like her mother and big sister, Zonnique.

The moment got even sweeter when Heiress decided to have an exchange with her mother using baby language.

She was most likely asking her mom: "How do I look? Can I do your face when I am done?"

One fan, who watched the clip, said: "Beautiful. what is she telling her mama ? Lolz. Looking like her daddy. Omg, look at that baby !!! So cute!"

Another added: "Now, look at this Angel who is nothing but a pure LUMP of SUGA You can tell she has EXTREME TLC around her, ALWAYS HAPPY n PEACEFUL.......she is too pretty for makeup. wow."

A third supporter wrote: "Them fat+fat cheeks and her lil personality. Thanks for sharing her growth booo."

The latest rumors claimed that baby Heiress' parents have called off the divorce for the well-being and happiness of their children.

An insider stated: “Tiny‘s taken the divorce off the table. T.I promised her that his heart and man parts belong only to her. He was nothing but committed to being the perfect husband and father to her and their kids. He was over-the-top with his words, going down on one knee and apologizing to Tiny for all the pain and suffering he caused.”

The person went on to say: “In some ways, this breakup was really good for them; it put the spark back in the relationship. They are back to having date nights and romance; TIP has been wooing Tiny all over again. She went through hell over the past six months, but she feels like God brought her out the other side.”

There you have it; this precious little girl will grow up with her two loving parents raising and guiding her.

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  • Charolette Wilson
    Charolette Wilson Sep 15, 2017 8:20 AM PDT

    I' couldn't be so happy for Tip and Tiny I admire the both of them and they are phenomenal parents and great role models.Keep up the good work Harris family I'm ur husband #1 fan and I loved ur performance going up as Xcape.God does what he has to do for his children remember that.The love he stored upon u 2 are

  • Tonya
    Tonya Sep 12, 2017 2:32 PM PDT

    She is a cute baby.. Hope they stay together

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