T.I. And Tiny's Baby Heiress Diana Harris Hits New Milestone With Cute Instagram Photo

T.I. And Tiny's Baby Heiress Diana Harris Hits New Milestone With Cute Instagram Photo

Baby Heiress is making Tameka "Tiny" Harris smile in the midst of the brewing storm between T.I. and Wendy Williams.

With her cute cheeks and bright eyes, Heiress is the queen on her throne.

This week, the proud mother took to Instagram, and she posted a picture where her youngest daughter is hitting another milestone.

Heiress is being potty trained, and she is doing so on the prettiest miniature pink toilet ever.

As if that was was not adorable enough, Heiress is wearing a bright pink bonnet while holding her pacifier.

Tiny was happy to share with the world that Heiress is taking another step towards being an independent girl.

She captioned the photo: "This is what being in love looks like!!! @heiressdharris #SnatchingHearts #MyToots #PottyTime #Lucky7 #LifeChanger."

Tiny must have been pleased to take a break from the preparation for her upcoming appearance on the Wendy Williams Show .

A source claimed that T.I. would have preferred for her to skip the program.

The insider claimed: “T.I. would prefer it if Tiny skipped her interview with Wendy. It is not easy for her to go against what he wants. But she is going ahead with the Wendy appearance whether he likes it or not. Everyone is telling her not to feel guilty; she is more than proven herself to Tip. She always rides for him.”

The person added: “It is causing some tension between Tiny and T.I. but she is not letting it hold her back, she is putting her own dream first, and that is just the way it has to be right now. At the end of the day T.I. has to accept it, he wants Tiny and Xscape to succeed, so he has to understand that she is doing what she has to do when it comes to going on Wendy. Work is work.”

Tiny opted to keep it classy during the exchange.

The tipster went on to reveal: “Tiny wants to keep it classy — she really doesn’t want to get dragged into Wendy and T.I.’s feud. She knows Wendy is going to bring it up, but she plans to deflect as best she can. As far as she is concerned, it is between Wendy and T.I. She really wants no part of it.”

Tiny is a real major girl.

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