T.I. And Tiny To Renew Their Vows On New Reality TV Show Documenting Their Reconciliation

T.I. And Tiny To Renew Their Vows On New Reality TV Show Documenting Their Reconciliation
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Now that they are seemingly back together and a happy with that decision, T.I. and Tiny are thinking about their TV careers more. What better way to make some money if not by creating a new reality show featuring their lives after the reconciliation!

A couple of days ago, while in attendance at the VH1 Hip Hop Honors, the couple made it very obvious that they have rekindled their love by packing a lot of PDA.

That being said, we have learned that, if the two get to turn their ideas into reality, we may be able to watch them trying again on our screens.

According to an insider, ‘They want to return to reality TV with a new show and have it based around how they’re dealing with getting back together as a family. They want it to be different from their last show and focused solely on them getting back together, maybe even with a vow renewal at the end of it. They’re working on making it happen, pitching their ideas to VH1 already!’

As fans certainly already know, their show T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle, had its last season back in the spring of this year, a few months following the announcement that Tiny filed for divorce.

However, despite filing for divorce in December of 2016, since then, the pair hasn’t taken any of the steps to make their split official.

Furthermore, they have been keeping fans guessing on whether or not they were getting back together.

But eyewitnesses who were in attendance at VH1 Hip Hop Honors as well, claim they seemed really affectionate during the event, which means they are an item once again, this time, hopefully for good.

Another source claimed they needed to forgive a lot, to reevaluate their feelings and even go to therapy in order to finally fix their marriage.

Not to mention, family is very important for both of them, so they have that in common.

T.I. and Tiny have three kids together and have been committed to raising them together even after the split.

Would you tune in for a TV show about their rekindled love?

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