T.I. And Tiny Story: Love, Therapy & Loyalty Saved Their Marriage

T.I. And Tiny Story: Love, Therapy & Loyalty Saved Their Marriage
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It looks like T.I. and Tiny have actually found the magic formula to stay together, and it involves lots of loving. A source knows more about the huge part that passion played in saving these two's marriage from ruin.

T.I. and Tiny have been on a roller coaster ride with their marriage since Tiny first filed for divorce back in December 2016.

Since then she has refiled in April, and now she has to pull the trigger on an official split.



But based on various PDA incidents and information from all kinds of insiders the couple seems to be doing great !

An insider confessed that they had found a way to put the past behind them and to bring the magic back as well. The secret of their enormous success involves lots of love and lots of time in the bedroom!

'T.I. & Tiny are happy again thanks to a lot of forgiveness, love, therapy, and a deep sense of loyalty from both of them,' a source close to the couple confessed.

'The couple also share a strong sense of family values which was made clear to both of them as they continue to talk about their relationship in and out of the therapist’s office.'



Both of them have kids from prior relationships, and they have been open about their attempts to co-parent successfully during their separation. This should become much easier now that they are back together!

'On top of all the hard work that T.I. has done in order to overcome all of the mistakes he has made in their relationship, the one thing that keeps drawing him to Tiny is their explosive chemistry in the bedroom,' the source added about their present successful relationship.

'After all the years together, they still have lots of hot sex all the time.' T.I. has nothing but love, respect, and admiration for his wife, who has been very open about the work she has had done on her fantastic body! She also used some of her hottest pics to keep T.I. in check .

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