T.I. And Tiny Have Great Moments Between The Sheets -- Xscape Singer Kisses Blac Chyna In Hot Video

T.I. And Tiny Have Great Moments Between The Sheets -- Xscape Singer Kisses Blac Chyna In Hot Video
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T.I. and Tameka "Tiny" Harris are doing great after getting back together in July. Although they have not stopped the divorce process, the two reality television stars have not been so good as a couple in a very long time.

Their chemistry is off the charts lately, and sex has a lot to do with this significant change. The Xscape singer is on top of her game physically, and she is only getting better with age.

She works out a lot with a personal trainer named Kory Phillips, and she has been using his ideas to get her revenge body. Side chicks like Bernice Burgos would have a hard time competing with the mother of four.

Tiny also found a new level of confidence that was not there before. For example, in July, Rob Kardashian revealed to the world that T.I. had paid his baby mama, Blac Chyna, to have a threesome with his wife.

Instead of being embarrassed by the claim, she accepted to get filmed at a nightclub with Chyna. In the clip, the two women are seen dancing and doing suggestive things with their tongues.

Tiny does not run from controversy and scandal; she embarrasses the drama, and attention that comes with it. Only a strong and confident woman can pull something like this.

Apparently, the "No Mediocre" artist cannot get enough of this new way of life and is a bit thankful that they managed to come out stronger after all the things they went through in the past year.

A source revealed: "TIP cannot get enough of her sexy body and constantly tells her she is never looked this good. The whole process has breathed new life into their sex life, and it is been sizzling ever since. It is honestly on another planet, and TIP loves it. Their renewed passion has breathed new life into their once fractured relationship."

Another insider added: "Tiny’s new red hair is only adding to his excitement. He feels like he has got a new wild woman to go home to and he cannot wait. He thinks she is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like, but this short red hair might be his favorite of all time. He can see that it has given her a new swag and that turns him on."

It would not shock anyone if those two decided to renew their vows.

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