T.I. And Tiny Harris' Son, King Harris Seems To Be Going Through A Rough Time And Fans Are Here For Him

T.I. And Tiny Harris' Son, King Harris Seems To Be Going Through A Rough Time And Fans Are Here For Him
Credit: BET

King Harris doesn't really seem himself. He posted some pretty sad messages on his social media account, and his fans are freaking out.

His followers tell him that they are right here if he needs anything, and his mom, Tiny, also showed him support in the comments and on her own social media account as well.

'Ik I ain’t been myself lately…it’s just a lot to process rn💔”(My Message To Everyone),' King posted.

Tiny wrote: 'I feel ya baby...I love u so much!!'

One follower had a message for Tiny and said: 'Say it again Tiny, I remember him being a child on the show and now he is an aspiring young rapper, well behaved, well-spoken, I Kno he makes you proud, heck he makes me proud, good job Tiny, love your family, much Blessing's to you guys.'

Another follower posted: '@majorgirl Supermom your always right there with the love, hugs, support, encouragement, kisses, and daily loyalty. '

A fan wrote: 'Sending love, light, and prayers your way' and another commenter posted this: 'Despite what we go through, there’s always have a way of happiness!! Stay focused '

A follower posted: 'When you’re ready, the world will have you. Wishing you nothing but Peace Love & Amazing Energy. '

Someone else said: 'It's going to be just fine young man just fine. you will figure this one out and come back to yourself no weapons formed against you shall prosper....it won't work.'

Tiny just lost her godbrother recently, and the whole family has been really down these days.

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  • Leslie Jackson
    Leslie Jackson Feb 5, 2020 8:45 AM PST

    Keep your head up and stay strong and true to yourself

  • Patricia
    Patricia Feb 4, 2020 3:01 PM PST

    Keep your head up baby, you got a great future ahead of you. Because of the family you were born into, you may have classmate hating on you, being jealous of you; wishing it was them.....don't let that bother you none, stay focus on your school grade and be successful in school, it will all "ride over" and before you know it, those same jealous classmate is going to want your autograph....just look at other famous kids life....we got baby...praying on you, don't disappoint us.

  • Terri Dorsey
    Terri Dorsey Oct 5, 2019 5:30 PM PDT

    Whatever you do Young Man, put God first in your life and anything are problem that come your way let God gandle it. Your in my prayers.

    BARBARA D HENLEY Oct 4, 2019 7:44 PM PDT

    Sounds like growing pain, my son went through it to notice it the same his sad post.don't be afraid to go from boy to man. Also thank God my son also had alot positive men around to talk to .Now if I can stop him from falling for girls to fast .stayup.

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