T.I. And Tiny Harris's Son, King, Finally Explains Why He Was Fighting A Classmate In A Bathroom

T.I. And Tiny Harris's Son, King, Finally Explains Why He Was Fighting A Classmate In A Bathroom
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According to recent reports, the 15-year-old son of T.I and Tameka “Tiny” Harris, King Harris, has been involved in a fight with a schoolmate.

Apparently, the braw was caught on camera, and soon after the physical altercation, the video clip, about 8 seconds long, was circulating all over the Internet.

Rumor has it that the brawl started because King’s opponent was a fan of the Sniper Gang. It appears that King was defending his family’s side, as the brand was tightly linked to rapper Kodak Black, who had serious beef with T.I. last year as he offended Tiny by calling her “piggy” and “b*tch” in one of his songs.

In the footage of the fight, it can be seen how King is trying to keep the other teenager at a distance, while his opponent is throwing punches in all directions.

At one point, though, King manages to escape a couple of hits and fights back at the attacker until the unidentified boy’s back was against the wall, and King hit him in the ribs.

Following the clash, which took place in a school bathroom, T.I.’s son addressed what happened, as he made an appearance on a live stream.

According to King, the other boy managed to hit him only once, even though in the video, it looked like he suffered more than one heavy blow.

He said: “This dude hit me one time, one time. It looked like he hit me a couple of times, but on God, you don’t see anything on my face. I still look light-skinned, no bruises, one bruise right here [on my face]. That’s all you see on me, no other bruises.”

King’s sister, Zonnique Pullins, added: “King ended up telling him, ‘You disrespecting my mama, you can’t wear that s***.’ And my mama said the little boy was on Live talking about he would’ve took the s*** off, but King called him out. You know how King gets. My brother doesn’t play. Don’t play with him, and please don’t. That’s a grown man in a little boy's body. He doesn’t play about his mama.”

To back-up his own words, the young aspiring rapper showed his face to the camera and stated that he still looked "light-skinned," and only one bruise was visible, so, therefore, he was hit one time.

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