T.I. And Tiny Harris Have The Best Time In Barcelona - Check Out Tiny Riding Her Bike (Videos)

T.I. And Tiny Harris Have The Best Time In Barcelona - Check Out Tiny Riding Her Bike (Videos)
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T.I. and his beloved Tiny Harris are having the time of their lives in Barcelona. Tip shared a few videos on his social media account just to keep his fans updated.

These two are really happy, and it seems that they took this trip without the kids, just the two of them to have a great time as a couple.

Check out some really cool videos that Tip shared on IG.

'Working hard at Living in the moment more.... 🇪🇸 #LifeIsForTheLivingSoLiveIt,' Tip captioned one video he filmed in Spain.

Someone joked and said: 'Oh no Tip don’t be having Mrs Harris on no bikes lol last bikes she was riding on video did end well😩🙅🏻‍♀️😂.'

Another follower posted: 'Nothing wrong with sharing the beauty of a new place...experience..and still enjoying it all while living in the moment! Enjoy your trip..your way...and keep on living...'

Someone else said: 'Tip u can enjoy the moment and post at the same time, enjoy Spain man. The haters don't wanna see you post this.'

'This my “It’s Hot as a Bit*h” Face🥵#ToTheYachtDear🛥 🇪🇸👑 🌊' Tip captioned another video.

Tip's daughter, Deyjah Harris said: 'ohhhh y’all forgot about the children this time huhhhh🗣🗣it’s no fun without us! I’m kidding😘😘😘yall turn up for us and be safe💙we love you!'

A commenter wrote: 'I don’t care what slanderous things they (media) say about you and Tiny ‘s marriage, you take care of home sir...you take care of your wife and kids and she is a good mother....#facts #blacklove over #bullishhh ✊🏽'

Tiny has recently celebrated her 44th birthday, and Tip outdid himself this time.

He had a bunch of surprises prepared for Tiny , and he celebrated his wife's birthday as she deserves.

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