T.I. And Tiny Call Off Their Divorce: They Are Living Together Again

T.I. And Tiny Call Off Their Divorce: They Are Living Together Again
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It looks like T.I. and Tiny are back together. They have reportedly have called off their divorce, and Tiny has moved back in with the rapper. Tiny herself confirmed that they are still married .

'They've been together for years, and they actually love each other,' says a source to The Jasmine Brand. 'Both of them realize what they have isn't worth throwing away.'



The two of them, however, are not ready to go public with their decision to stay together after their very messy split.

'Everyone was in their business when they announced their split, so they're trying to keep their marriage more private,' explains the source.

Further fueling the reconciliation rumors, the insider says that 'the family is all living in one house now.'

The source adds that Tiny 'still has the other house, but it's being occupied by someone else now.'

This is not the first time that Tip and Tiny are rumored to call off their divorce.

In August, they have allegedly decided to get back together after Tiny begged Tip to cancel the paperwork.

'They are addicted to each other regardless of the good or the bad, which has led their friends and family to believe that they will not go through with the divorce,' said another source of the duo, who filed for divorce back in December.

'Everything is on the table at this point. They always go down the same road to test their relationship and always find their way back to one another.'



This came after T.I. said that his marriage to Tiny was a distraction.

'Marriage is going to distract me and deter me from taking my family onward and upward; I don't always have time to do the sensible things a husband does… It could be seen as selfish, but I have a hard time seeing something as selfish if it helps some many other people,' he shared during an interview with Angie Martinez.

Tip and Tiny made their relationship official back in 2001. They later got married in a secret courthouse ceremony in Miami Beach in July 2010.

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