T.I. And Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Are Still Not Back Together - Rapper Cannot Be The Man Xscape Singer Wants Him To Be

T.I. And Tameka 'Tiny' Harris Are Still Not Back Together - Rapper Cannot Be The Man Xscape Singer Wants Him To Be
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After months of drama, this week, "No Mediocre" rapper T.I. and his estranged wife, Xscape singer Tameka "Tiny" Harris gave their adoring fans and relatives hope that a full reconciliation was underway.

The ATL actor shared a lovely and lengthy message on social media to celebrate the 42nd birthday of the woman he has been with for the past seventeen years.

The heartfelt note went viral, and supporters were happy to see things heading in the right direction for a couple who had to deal with cheating allegations and other issues.

Tiny was touched and did not waste time to show her appreciation. She wrote back and called him her "King."

T.I. was not done yet and kept the grand gestures coming. While Tiny was in Saint Lucia having a great time with her friends and family, she received some lovely flowers and champagne courtesy of her husband.

After that, they shared a sweet photo on social media in which they were seen getting cozy on the island.

For many, the reconciliation was a done deal after the picture, and the rumors involving video vixen and model Bernice Burgos and boxing legend Floyd Mayweather no longer meant anything.

Well, those assumptions were wrong, the self-proclaimed "Patnas" are still looking for a way forward, and things do not look simple.

An insider spoke with a popular entertainment news publication and explained: “T.I. is just not mentally, emotionally and physically ready to be in a fully-committed marriage. He loves Tiny, they have so much history and there sex life is still on point. But T.I. just can’t give her the support she needs anymore. He is focused on himself and his kids and yeah he likes hooking up with Tiny, but he cannot be her husband. She wants more from him than he is willing to give. He is also interested in other women. He is just not the man she wants him to be…. It is sad because everyone thinks Tip is about to break Tiny’s heart again.”

Wow, this is a surprising twist, but at the same time, the talented emcee did warn Tiny in the birthday note that he was ready to make more mistakes.

So, Tiny will have to accept him with his flaws or decide to move on.

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