T.I. And Mike Tyson Recall Some Of The Best And Worst Moments Of Their Lives On The Rapper's Podcast, 'ExpediTIously'

T.I. And Mike Tyson Recall Some Of The Best And Worst Moments Of Their Lives On The Rapper's Podcast, 'ExpediTIously'
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T.I. has Mike Tyson over on his podcast called ExpediTIously. They talked and laughed while discussing some of the greatest and worst moments in their lives. Check out the clip below.

'Maaaan we talked & laughed about some of the best and worst moments of our lives... @miketyson👑 really offers true words of wisdom, experience, & perspective today... on #ExpediTIously @applepodcasts @podcastone #MUSTLISTEN‼️' Tip captioned his video.

Somoene said: 'I was re-listening to the Derrick Grace one this morning... Thank you TIP for #expeditiously.'

Another person brought up the political tensions between the US and Iran that Tip also addressed a few days ago:

'You’re Praying for Iran and their soldiers. The Mullahs have chanted death to America for years and years yet you love them? You are an anti-American. Why don’t you move to Iran if you love it so much? Did you know that the Iranian regime kills gays? They hate black people too. Educate yourself and stop looking at your own victimhood.'

A commenter said: 'Dope 🙏🏽PAC was locked up in Rikers with my Pops they was a cell down from each other played chess every day almost ...he called my pops “Memphis “ 💯It’s always cool to hear legends speak.'

Another Instagrammer hopped in the comments section and wrote: 'Daaaamn! That finna be a dope episode with Mike Tyson, your guests are usually creative Mr Tip! This podcast is entertaining, and most importantly educational and informative for many reasons. I knew many things from listening to it, my knowledge came too far now since you released it on September. Thank you brother, my 2020 vision is to keep improving my knowledge cause you taught me that. It’s a power and a beauty 🙏🏻♥️ @troubleman31.'


T.I. found himself in hot water these days after some people accused him of praying for Iran to kill the US soldiers. He did post various messages saying that he’s supportive of Iranians.

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