T.I. And Lauren London Tease First Look At ‘ATL 2’; Their Fans Are Losing Their Minds

T.I. And Lauren London Tease First Look At ‘ATL 2’; Their Fans Are Losing Their Minds
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Are New-New and Shad back? T.I. and Lauren London just shared a picture teasing ATL 2. Of course, fans of the original are freaking out. Take a look a the pic below.

Tip and Lauren London just teased that they might be working together again on a follow-up to 2006's ATL.


There popped up a pic that could definitely be an on-set photo, and the rapper posed happily alongside the gorgeous actress in a room lit with lots of bright shades behind them.

Are they filming there? Where can the location be? There are lots of questions that need answers.

There have been rumors since back in 2015 that a sequel to the beloved drama could be happening sometime.

This is not even the first time that Lauren and T.I. teased a follow-up. Back in April, he and Lauren crossed their paths again and posed for a pic together. He captioned the photo 'Coming soon!!!!'

So what’s different this time? Well, for one this Tip broke out the hashtag #ATL2 and #ONW!

So we think there are real reasons to get excited! For the moment, info is not very clear on the sequel, but if it’s got the insight and humor of the original, we’re betting fans will be more than pleased!

'Finally,' one follower commented on the promising new image.

'This is incredibly exciting,' another fan wrote before adding, 'about time.' Still another user wrote 'Been waiting on this.'



Their fans can’t wait to rejoin the cool crew from the original and see where they ended up!

But, unfortunately, some nasty drama has been brewing between T.I. and Tiny, including a supposed cheating scandal between Tiny and rapper Master P!

There is also the fact that some photos surfaced showing Tiny looking cozy at the club with a hot young guy who is not T.I. Perhaps filming ATL 2 would be a good chance for T.I. to take a break from the whole dramatic situation that has been going on for so long.


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