T.I. And Charlamagne Tha God Have A Huge Problem With This Radio Station's Post About Beyoncé

T.I. And Charlamagne Tha God Have A Huge Problem With This Radio Station's Post About Beyoncé
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As soon as Beyonce decided to get involved in the Hurricane Harvey effort, videos and photos of her good deed swept through social media. Local as well as major publications did not miss the opportunity to praise the superstar for her hands on approach to the natural disaster relief efforts.

However, other stars who did the same seem to not receive nearly as much credit as Beyonce.

Recently, rappers T.I. and Charlamagne Tha God expressed their dismay regarding the fact that another star who contributed just as much as Queen Bey was overlooked completely by a radio station.

Local Houston station The Box recently posted a photo on their social media that shows Beyonce slipping gloves on and getting ready to serve food to a citizen affected by the Hurricane.

As soon as T.I. stumbled upon the post, he expressed his disappointment that the local radio station completely ignored yet another star who was hands on from the very beginning -  Trae Tha Truth.

‘AND [Trae Tha Truth] WAS THERE TOO!! JUST LIKE HE BEEN THERE SINCE DAY 1 DOIN WHATEVER HE CAN FOR THOSE IN NEED!! It ain’t cool how y’all trying to just overlook his week and a ½ worth of efforts and shine the light on someone else’s,’ the rapper slammed.

Charlamagne agreed with Tip and condemned the radio for being petty and dismissing someone who contributed to the cause so much.

By ignoring him, Charlamagne said that the station proves they are not even doing this for the right reasons.

It has to be noted that neither of them slammed Beyonce but just the radio station.

Queen Bey in fact actually took it upon herself to shout out Trae Tha Truth and other people who donated to her BeyGood foundation.

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  • Juanita Morris
    Juanita Morris Sep 11, 2017 5:08 PM PDT

    The day you get Trump himself up in there and find out some real sh** that matters, then you will be crowned, until then, you remain sweet, SHOOGA BOOGA.

  • Jae Morri
    Jae Morri Sep 11, 2017 5:02 PM PDT

    So let me get this sh** straight, you men and when I say men, I'm using the word 'MEN" with emphasis, are upset because you all didn't get any publicity for the work or money you contributed to the VICTIMS of natural disasters that have claimed many lives, wow, calling y'all narcissists is an understatement!!! So therefore, you will like to let everyone know that you did contribute just for show, that's not a problem at all, I can get the media to you asap, where y'all at? T.I I shake my head at you because I dare not to ever ever see you in this kinda light, you go from husband, dad, of the year for being such a role model and totally respected to being a camera flunk, and you Sharmaine, yes I know the spelling of the name you go by, but it deserves no mfn RESPEk today or yesterday because all you do is exploit your very own culture and poke fun at them as they do what they do for a paycheck like yourself. When are you gonna interview some of these political figures, billionaires, and etc to get some real information instead of capitalizing on your own kinds' hustle. Barak watched love and hip hop a time or two, he likes Beyonce, he even like lil Wayne, but I haven't heard about you scrutinizing and combing the hairs of their careers and families but you feel you need an honorable mention. TIP, go back home and get back on air where you belong, with your FAMILY and keep teaching people about how families are supposed to be, even when times are trying. Leave the BS behind and get your family back together, teach these people that you know how to rise above the devil. When you do good things from the heart, needless to talk about it. Sharmaine, you just keep on with the keep on with your disrespectful a**.

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