T.I. Also Slams Lonzo Ball Following His Post About Who Is ‘Real Hip-Hop’ And Who Isn’t!

T.I. Also Slams Lonzo Ball Following His Post About Who Is ‘Real Hip-Hop’ And Who Isn’t!
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The hip-hop artists know how to stand up for one another when they need to. Following Los Angeles Lakers player Lonzo Ball’s statements that no one listens to Nas nowadays and that Future and Migos are what you call ‘real hip-hop,’ rapper T.I. took to social media to slam him yesterday, September 2.

‘My Boi u reaching like a muuuufucka!!! Lakers might fuck around and piss test you behind this one cuzz @Nas Whattup wit Bruh? #LegendsNeverDie,’ TIP tweeted.

Despite the fact that people have different tastes in music and can be subjective when it comes to what we perceive as quality hip-hop, for the hip-hop community such comments are simply blasphemy considering Nas is known for classic albums such as Illmatic.

In addition, not only is Nas still making an impact with his music today, more than 20 years later, but his lyricism is one of the most respected in the genre.

Aside from T.I., Lil B also took to Twitter to slam the 19-year-old sportsman today, saying that Nas ‘is hip-hop and will always be relevant’ and also warned him that he might get his team cursed if he doesn’t watch his mouth.

Lonzo Ball has made those affirmations about Migos and Future being much more relevant than Nas before, on his reality TV show Ball in the Family, which stars his entire family, made out of father LaVar Ball, mother as well as three brothers.

Whose side are you on? Do you agree with T.I.?

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