T.I. Advises Fans Not To Panic, But Remain Informed

T.I. Advises Fans Not To Panic, But Remain Informed
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T.I. has a message for his fans amidst the coronavirus pandemic. He believes that no one should live in fear, but it's important to stay informed these days about all that's been going on.

Check out the post that Tip shared on his social media account.

'Thanks @lecrae Knowledge is POWER & information is EVERYTHING!!! To live in fear is to not live at all!!! Don't panic. Inform yourself. More information soon to come,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone posted this message: 'Information is power. definitely I don’t want to give it to nana with the sugar. So even though a certain age group won’t feel it as bad be careful passing it to grandmommy.'

One other commenter said: 'It’s too soon for this data to be taken as conclusive... the virus gets more aggressive most cases are new.... so that 4.7 will be increasing if cure isn’t discovered soon 🙏🏾.'

A fan wrote: 'Exactly why I’m not worried! The media is something else 🤦‍♀️' and someone else also believes that we should be worried about the mass panic, not so much about the virus itself: 'It's not the virus we should worry about...... it's the panic behind it.'

One other follower criticized Tip's message: 'Tip. This can’t be true my guy. The WHO isn’t spelled with an “s” in the organization. I’m in this field we test for infectious diseases all day. This is really real. No disrespect to you. You are one of my favorites as a father, rapper and entrepreneur. But this one can definitely harm us if our immune systems are not strong. And yes I believe in the BIG GOD too 🙏🏿'

A follower posted this: 'the disease has been mild for many..and yes there are more I guess dangerous disease currently amongst us and we are fine.. I read all the facts but they miss the major point. While the disease isn't deadly...the economic and social consequences may be...can our hospitals service hundreds of thousands at once...can our grocery stores handle weeks of self-quarantine...can people afford to miss work? This is how coronavirus harms us this is the reason for worry. If an entire school or daycare gets infected then what...People are not overreacting....this disease is highly contagious with NO VACCINE, barely any test and just now has the world's attention. All the other more dangerous diseases are old and can be addressed and contained...this is still a wild card.'

What's your opinion about what's been going on these days around the globe?

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