T.I. Admits He Is Still Trying To Compensate For Some Past Decisions -- Will Tiny Harris' Husband Get All Right Now?

T.I. Admits He Is Still Trying To Compensate For Some Past Decisions -- Will Tiny Harris' Husband Get All Right Now?
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T.I. has done a lot in his career, and the rapper has helped various other entertainers rise to prominence over the years.

And while he is happy with most of those decisions, one seems to stick out like a sore thumb for him -- Iggy Azalea.

T.I. has not made any attempts to hide his disappointment over choosing to boost her to fame, and admitted that he is still looking for ways to undo the damage to his reputation, and was looking for someone else who could replace her instead.

Tiny Harris’ husband said on Netflix's Rhythm + Flow : “I’m still actively looking for another female rapper who can undo the blunder of Iggy Azalea. That is the tarnish of my legacy as far as [being] a [music] executive is concerned. To me, this is like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball.”

The head of Grand Hustle Records also revealed: “There’s a lot of dope female talent right now in the industry. There’s a lot of dope female talent out there trying to get in the industry. So I think [the show is] a fair representation.”

Azalea has been moving forward on her path to building a career both in music and fashion, judging by her Twitter profile.

The Australian femcee seems to have no qualms about talking down to others when they attack her and has made it clear that she has a pretty low opinion of certain people in the music industry.

At this point, it is not clear if T.I. is going to take any more major creative risks with regard to his relationship with other rappers.

He is likely learned a lot over the years, and it will probably be a while before fans see him taking someone else under his wings.

Plus, he is quite involved with his other projects at the moment anyway, especially his podcast expediTIously , which has been drawing a lot of attention towards him.

He explained: “I did some sh*t right to be here. I’m my toughest critic, and I’m always kind of hard on myself about the times that I had the game eating out the palms of my hands and I f*cked up, but that was a clear representation that if I had f*cked up too bad, I wouldn’t have been in that motherf*cking room.”

It looks like T.I. is in a good spot in his career at the moment.

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