T.I. Addresses More Kinds Of Addiction - Check Out His Message

T.I. Addresses More Kinds Of Addiction - Check Out His Message
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T.I. shared a message on his social media account in which he talks about addiction. Here are the types of addiction that he mentioned.

'If you live for the cheers...You will DIE by the boos...#kingsthoughts,' Tip posted.

Someone commented: 'Truth and because of this people have a problem with constructive criticism ✊🏾'

A follower said: 'But what if you're used to the opposite and you value those positive moments because they're rare.'

A commenter posted this: 'Not true. That’s not an addiction, that is embedded narcissism. It also applies to someone who is not taught that they don’t need reinforcement.'

One other follower wrote: 'Word💯💯💯💯 In order to be great....you have to be willing to be hated!!!! Tough skin is a must!!!!!! Folks will work hard to find every flaw in you. Too much praise and validation is phony!!!!!'

An Instagrammer posted: 'If you're going to act like you “woke” plz have the decency to listen to others' opinions and thoughts how you gonna run a podcast just talking over people the whole time you were tripping.'

Someone else posted: 'Thank you!!!! @troubleman31 it’s like no one can take criticism anymore and actually learn from it.'

Not too long ago, Tip had another message for his followers that did not go unnoticed.

He triggered a debate in the comments among fans with that post, as well.

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