SZA Says Relationship With Her Record Label Has Been 'Hostile'

SZA Says Relationship With Her Record Label Has Been 'Hostile'
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SZA released her debut record, Ctrl , which has been a fan favorite among R&B enthusiasts for the past few years. It's clear SZA has been doing everything in her power to become successful in the industry, and following her signing with Top Dawg Entertainment, fans were eager to see what she had in store.

However, Hot New Hip Hop says fans have started to ask when her next project is coming out. SZA took to her Twitter account this week to tell her fans to ask Punch, the president of Top Dawg Entertainment.

Another fan asked her if it was a "hostile," or an "adverse" relationship, and SZA responded, "BEEN hostile." Later, fans claimed they had spoken with Top Dawg Entertainment's president through direct messages, and one said Punch claimed, "soon," in response to the album requests.

SZA jokingly added that it was the same thing he always says to her as well. The president went on to share the aforementioned hostile messages from some of SZA's fans and how the company has supposedly been mistreating her.

He wrote, perhaps sarcastically, "I am a person and you guys are hurting my feelings." This wouldn't be the first time SZA took to her account to complain of her complicated career.

In recent news, the singer-songwriter was on Twitter to complain about how she didn't want to do any more interviews. The 29-year-old hopped on her social media account to jokingly say that she didn't want to do press or an interview ever again.

Reportedly, SZA's comments dropped shortly after Rolling Stone featured her, Megan Thee Stallion , and Normani on the cover. According to reports, Megan and Normani both promoted Rolling Stone on Instagram but SZA never did.

However, she did shout out both of the two artists as a form of professional courtesy and mutual respect. SZA has been in the news for other reasons over the last few years, including when she put Sephora on blast for supposedly calling the police on her because they thought she was trying to steal something from the store.

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