SZA Jokingly Says She's Done Doing Interviews And Press

SZA Jokingly Says She's Done Doing Interviews And Press
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SZA, the singer-songwriter, recently explained that she no longer wanted to do any more interviews or press. On Wednesday evening, SZA, 29, took to her Twitter account to state that she wasn't going to do interviews or photoshoots for the rest of her life.

SZA's declaration came not long after Rolling Stone just dropped their latest issue in which she and Megan Thee Stallion and Normani appeared on the cover. The issue was part of their series, Women Shaping The Future, which focuses on the female-led contributions to the culture.

Megan Thee Stallion and Normani both promoted the magazine on their respective social media accounts, but SZA didn't. With that said, she did shout out to her fellow performing artists. After showing support for Megan Thee Stallion and Normani, SZA referenced her mental health struggles, including her battle with anxiety.

On her account, the singer explained that anxiety has nothing to do with people saying bad things about her. It has more to do with her own thoughts and feelings than anything else. Fans of SZA know she's often in the media for activist causes. Earlier this year, SZA was in the media for her fight with Sephora.

Ron Collins reported in May 2019 that SZA actually called out Sephora, the makeup store, who reportedly called the police on her to ensure she wasn't stealing anything from the store. On her Twitter account, SZA made her claim.

It turns out that Rihanna found out about the issue and actually sent her a nice little present. Rihanna gave her a Fenty card and the performer than shared it on her social media account. One fan joked that it was their time to get racially profiled and get a personal gift card from Rihanna.

Fans know that Rihanna hasn't exactly been at her most visible lately, other than when she recently announced she had been living in England. Reportedly, the star had been living there for approximately two years.

In other news, it's been approximately three years since SZA dropped a new record. Fans have been eagerly awaiting for her followup to 2017's Ctrl.

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