Syfy Cancels 'Dark Matter,' Renews 'Killjoys' For Two Final Seasons

Syfy Cancels 'Dark Matter,' Renews 'Killjoys' For Two Final Seasons

There's some sad news for fans of Syfy's Friday night space operas this weekend. The intergalactic bounty hunter saga Killjoys has been renewed for two additional seasons, however, they will be the show's last, and the intriguing Dark Matter has been canceled effective immediately.

The Killjoys Season 3 finale aired Friday evening just before the news was announced, while the season (now series) finale of Dark Matter aired a week earlier on August 25.

Dark Matter was co-created by Stargate franchise vets Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, based on their own 2012 comic book series.

“To say that I’m incredibly disappointed would be an understatement," wrote Mallozzi in a blog post after confirming the news.

"I just want to extend a heartfelt thanks to my amazing crew, my wonderful cast, and to all of you, our incredible fans. You all deserved better.”

Killjoys  is the brainchild of producer Michelle Lovretta, who previously created the cult sci-fi series Lost Girl , which also aired on Syfy.

“This renewal is the kind of privilege every creator hopes for—a chance to plan the end of your story with the luxury of 20 episodes to do it,” said Lovretta.

Both shows were based in Canada and were co-productions between Syfy and Canada's Space network, which is essentially the northern equivalent of Syfy.

Earlier this year, Syfy unveiled a new logo and a renewed focus on hard science-fiction and fantasy after years of chasing mainstream audiences with reality shows and low-budget monster movies.

Unfortunately, many fans who were excited by the upcoming changes are finding their goodwill misspent by the Dark Matter cancellation.

Many are comparing the premature ending to prior Syfy shows that were cut off in their prime, including Farscape, Stargate Atlantis, and Caprica . Nonetheless, Syfy does still have several scripted sci-fi/fantasy series in production, including fan favorites The Expanse, Wynonna Earp, Z Nation, and The Magicians.

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