Sutton Stracke Blames RHOBH Editing For Her Shady Comments About Rihanna’s Fenty Brand After Backlash

Sutton Stracke Blames RHOBH Editing For Her Shady Comments About Rihanna’s Fenty Brand After Backlash
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The newest cast member of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills shaded Rihanna’s Fenty Fashion label very early after joining the reality TV show and as you can imagine, that brought her a lot of attention! At the same time, it also brought her a lot of hate since Rihanna has a huge fan base!

Now, Sutton Stracke is addressing her previous comments and claiming that it was all a misunderstanding following the backlash she received.

It only took her minutes after first appearing on RHOBH to seemingly diss Rihanna’s brand but now Sutton is backtracking!

As you may know, Sutton is a boutique owner so she’d like to think she knows a bit about fashion.

That being said, she asked co-star Dorit Kemsley about the white corset jacket-dress she was wearing at the time, more precisely who’d made it!

When Dorit responded that it was made by ‘Fenty’ the newcomer misunderstood that it was ‘Fendi’ before Dorit corrected her and explained it was Rihanna’s luxury brand.

Next, Sutton went on to throw some shade by saying that ‘If a celebrity's done a collaboration, I could care less. I mean, even if God came down and collaborated with Tom Ford on this dress, that doesn't interest me.’

Fans were pretty upset to hear what she had to say but also explained to the RHOBH star that Rihanna had not collabed with anyone and Fenty is in fact her own brand to which she is the creative director!

Furthermore, her parent company, LVMH, is the parent company of Fendi as well, but also other huge brands such as Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and many others!

Now, Sutton claims that the reason why she seemed so shady towards Rihanna was the show's editing.

She told People that ‘What was missed was the first thing out of my mouth to Dorit, which was, ‘I love your dress.’ Honestly, God and Tom Ford coming together would be a dream come true, because I love them both equally. I wasn’t referring to Dorit’s dress. If I like something, I’m going to like it because I like it. Not because God and Tom Ford came together to make it.’

‘It had nothing to do with Rihanna and LVMH. I love Rihanna. I’ve got three teenage kids here in the house, so that’s not what it was referring to at all,’ Sutton went on to explain.

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