Survivor Host Jeff Probst And Contestants Janet Carben, Kellee Kim React To Controversial #MeToo Episode

Survivor Host Jeff Probst And Contestants Janet Carben, Kellee Kim React To Controversial #MeToo Episode
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Survivor host Jeff Probst, as well as two contestants, Janet Carben and Kellee Kim, are reacting to the controversial #MeToo episode that aired on Wednesday, November 13th.

The CBS show took a serious and disturbing turn during its two-hour episode. Kim accused castaway Dan Spilo, of touching her inappropriately. She claimed he was making her, as well as several others uncomfortable in the game.

Probst learned of the accusations and immediately informed the network. Spilo was issued a warning after all cast members were individually interviewed. CBS relayed their findings in text overlay.

The game continued but there was a shocking twist. Elizabeth Beisel and Missy Byrd admitted they made up their allegations against Spilo to take the target off their backs. It worked too because Kim was not voted out of the game in a blindside.

Today Kim reacted to the tough to watch episode with a Tweet.

"Hi everyone, I'm hurting and very sad watching this last episode too, but please try to be kind and understanding. No one deserves threats or shaming, and we can talk about this in a way that we are all better for it," she wrote.

Soon Carben followed suit by speaking on via Twitter.

"I want to thank you for all of your support. It was a very difficult time, however I do love and care for my fellow survivors and I don't want to see them negatively affected by anything that is said from the game. Thanks everyone," Carben posted.

Probst told E ntertainment Weekly he didn't believe Byrd and Beisel understood the extent that Spilo was making Kim uncomfortable. He doesn't think comprehended the severity of the situation or of creating such a horrible lie.

"This situation also highlighted another layer of the changing dynamic between men and women: You don't have to feel unsafe to feel uncomfortable and making someone uncomfortable is not okay. This is new territory for this important conversation, and my hope was that everybody could share their point of view, in an open forum, about what had gone down and we could get total clarity," he shared with the magazine.

There is no question a lot more goes on behind the scenes of a reality tv show than fans see in an hour. In a game like Survivor, there are so many conversations and interactions viewers never witness. That doesn't mean anyone has a right to make another contestant feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

What did you think of Survivor: Island of the Idols controversial #MeToo episode?


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