Surprise Encounter Between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd

Surprise Encounter Between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd
Credit: Source: Huffington Post

Both Bella Hadid and The Weeknd attended A$AP Rocky’s New York gig on January 18 and questions immediately started to emerge. Are the two back together? And where does Selena Gomez stand now in this love story?

Bella Hadid attended the concert alongside one of her closest friends, Kendall Jenner,  A$AP Rocky’s new rumored girlfriend, and even though the girls chose to fly under the radar, they were featured on their Renell Medrano’s (one of their common friends) Snapchat, dancing like crazy to A$AP’s hit, “Crazy Brazy.”

And this is not all, as the 21-year-old reality TV star also featured in French Montana’s Instagram video from the show! But you'll never guess who also appeared in the same video... Yes, none other than The Weeknd, Bella’s ex.

The Canada-born artist was at the Madison Square Garden concert as a surprise performer, but somehow managed to make his way into the crowd.

Bella can't be seen in the video though, as she and Kendall were quite inseparable straight from the beginning of the show. Knowing that, we can almost say for sure that Bella and The Weeknd saw each other at the concert. Are the two back together? Tough question, considering that just last week, the 26-year-old singer was seen taking Selena Gomez for a dinner date in Santa Monica.

Now we’re not experts in jealousy tactics, but if this was The Weeknd’s plan all along, it seems to be working. Allegedly, the supermodel felt hurt and pissed by her ex’s new girl and expressed it through an Instagram post. After all, they broke up just two months ago and the two beautiful women from The Weeknd’s life move in the same circles.

We hope that Bella and The Weeknd sorted out everything and we're not witnessing a love triangle. Because you know what they're saying, "two is company, three’s a crowd".

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