Suri Cruise, Daughter Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, Is Thirteen And The Spitting Image Of Her Mom

Suri Cruise, Daughter Of Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes, Is Thirteen And The Spitting Image Of Her Mom
Credit: Suri Cruise/Instagram/KatieHolmes212

On April 18, 2019, Suri Cruise celebrated her 13th birthday with friends and the newly-minted teenager is the spitting image of her mother Katie Holmes. The child of Tom Cruise and Katie, her custody became a public story after Katie filed for divorce after five and a half years of marriage. Tabloids quickly ran with the story that Katie was afraid of Scientology's influence over her daughter as she would have been required to be raised in the religion.

Katie Holmes converted from Catholicism to Scientology shortly after dating Tom Cruise and was married in a Scientology event. She hasn't spoken out much about Scientology since leaving the church, unlike another fellow ex-Scientologist Leah Remini.

Reports say that Suri Cruise has been raised under the Catholic faith and is no longer involved in Scientology in any way, shape, or form.

You may see photos of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise as Katie treated Suri and her friends to a special birthday dinner that included gifts in the video player below.

Suri and her friends looked adorable wearing sweet dresses paired with pink sneakers and wore their hair in delicate French braids. Some people on social media took issue with the fact that Suri and her friends carried expensive handbags but others argued that it was unfair to judge the young teen on her birthday for having luxurious accessories.

Katie Holmes took Suri and her friends to SoHo's Sant Ambroeus restaurant where they all had a wonderful time.

Many people are curious about Suri's relationship with her father Tom Cruise as Katie Holmes was awarded full custody of their daughter.

As neither Katie Holmes nor Tom Cruise has spoken to the public or media about the details of their divorce or the role Scientology has played, no one knows for sure if Tom Cruise sees Suri or if he is prevented from visiting her due to his religious beliefs.

In Leah Remini's docu-series Scientology and the Aftermath, Leah explained that when someone leaves Scientology they are known as a Suppressive Person (SP). If Katie Holmes has been declared to be an SP, then it is doubtful Tom Cruise would have anything to do with her.

Despite the troubled surroundings of Scientology, it looks as if Katie Holmes is raising Suri to be a loving and caring young lady.

What do you think about Suri Cruise being Katie Holmes' mini-me?


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