Summer Walker Speaks Up About Her Record Label Telling Her To Tone Down Deep State Conspiracy Theories Posts

Summer Walker Speaks Up About Her Record Label Telling Her To Tone Down Deep State Conspiracy Theories Posts
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Summer Walker is no stranger to controversy. The R&B songstress just spoke up about her label calling to tell about her social media posts.

Just weeks ago, Summer spoke on the Coronavirus being a part of the bigger plan for population control.

One post of hers read: 'All I wanna know is if these mf’s cared about population control so much why they ain’t put a cap on having kids globally like China a long a** time ago. You can have 1 MAYBE 2 & das it and das law, dese ppl with these 8 children families simply would be prohibited. Instead of going welllll over the Georgia guidestones and deciding to say we’re f****d so let’s just create a fake a** virus implement martial law and throw everyone into fema camps murdering by masses. NOW FORGET EVERYTHING I just said. I like about everything I have no clue what I’m talking about.'

She also touched on 5G towers.


This time around Summer posted on her personal Instagram account about the current state of the country. Between rioting and looting, Walker thinks that people are being counterproductive and want them to strategize and organize instead.

Additionally, the Playing Games artist also referenced a video by Youtuber Young Pharoah that speaks on the new world order and how George Floyd, Anonymous, and the riots tie into it.

To Summer's label, LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records, this may be too controversial.

The 24-year-old called them out for telling her to tone her social media posts down but had no problem when she would post twerking videos.

Walker wrote: 'you can talk about your p**** and post your a**, talk about buying worthless jewelry instead of businesses and property, flex money and disrespect your women. AND NONE OF THAT IS INSENSITIVE, but trying to warn people that DEEP STATE IS FINESSING YOU ALL AND TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS IS TOO SENSITIVE.'

She goes on to say that she is disappointed but not surprised.

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