Summer Walker Is Overwhelmed By Joy And Gratitude After Receiving Her Early Christmas Gift

Summer Walker Is Overwhelmed By Joy And Gratitude After Receiving Her Early Christmas Gift
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Summer Walker could not be more excited after receiving her early Christmas gift. She told her fans and followers that she had a really rough year, and she is happy that her work and effort are valued.

Check out the emotional message and video that she shared on her social media account.

'People don’t even know what I actually went through this year.. I just sucked it up & kept pushin to the best of my abilities. Stayed quiet & stayed kind & in return I just keep getting BLESSED🖤🙏🏽 I Always feel so alone but these men always make sure to remind me that I have a family, that I’m valued, taken care of, & protected. This is so crazy I can’t say thank you enough @lvrngram & thank you pumkin @londonondatrack I appreciate y’all so much 😖' Summer captioned the video that has fans emotional.

Some people told Summer that she should have shown some more emotion in her reaction after receiving such a bomb gift.

A follower posted: 'You deserve it plus more continue being you man I’m rocking with you regardless 💓😘' and another fan said: 'Awww be happy and live !!!! You deserve it ❣️'

One commenter exclaimed: 'Dream Truck!!!!!! Congratulations Summer! You deserve it ALL,' while someone else posted this: 'Don’t forget that you made one of the best albums ever to exist😩 pure magic and no skips girl.'

An Instagrammer wrote: 'She’s really trying to be the best her she can be. But what we can’t deny is her music is fire 🔥'

Another fan told Summer: 'Girl, I’d be snotty nose crying. You better show some emotion, sis. Lol.'

Summer was recently in the spotlight after an epic clapback that she had for a hater.

She posted a photo in which people can see her tattooed fingers and her gorgeous holographic nails.

While a lot of fans praised the cool look, a fan did not think too much and body-shamed Summer by telling her that her hands look old. Her clapback shocked everyone .

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