Summer House Star Carl Radke Reveals If Anyone In The House Actually Read Kyle Cooke's 17-Page Email

Summer House Star Carl Radke Reveals If Anyone In The House Actually Read Kyle Cooke's 17-Page Email
Credit: Source: Bravo

It is usually not a good idea to hide your true feelings from others — especially when those people live under the same roof as you. But in the new season of Summer House , Kyle Cooke may have shared a little too much with his fellow housemates.

During the Season 3 premiere, we learned that Cooke blasted his co-stars in a 17-page email over how they treated his girlfriend, Amanda Batula. Most of the cast members of Summer House were surprised by the electronic tirade, and some of them did not even bother to read what Cooke wrote.

According to The Daily Dish , Summer House star Carl Radke revealed that he searched the massive document for his name and only read parts that were relevant to him. Radke then hilariously admitted that if Cooke had turned the email into an audiobook, then perhaps he would have listened to the entire thing.

"I don't think I've ever sent a five-page email," Radke shared. "I will tell you how I read the email, which was 'control-'F' and type in 'Carl.' Just search for your name."

Radke added that he thinks Cooke could have expressed his concerns using a different medium. Instead of writing out his problems in a lengthy email, Radke believes Cooke would have been more effective if he had simply sat down with everyone and got things off his chest in person.

He also revealed that Lindsay Hubbard was the only one who replied to the email, so he probably wasn't the only one who skimmed the document.

When comes to Cooke and Batula's relationship, Radke is all for it. In fact, he praised the couple for holding it together despite all the drama they faced last season. He also said that Cooke hasn't changed all that much since he started dating Batula and that their friendship is still very much intact.

Radke ended the interview by predicting that the couple will be starting a family in the near future, though they still have an engagement to get through before any of that happens.

New episodes of Summer House air Monday nights on Bravo.


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