Suge Knight's Record Company Death Row Records Sold To Company That Owns Mr. Potato Head

Suge Knight's Record Company Death Row Records Sold To Company That Owns Mr. Potato Head
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According to a report from, the company that owns Mr. Potato Head recently bought out Death Row Records. Hasbro Toy Company, which also owns GI Joe, Monopoly, Transformers, Power Rangers, as well as Mr. Potato, now has under its umbrella the infamous record label.

Reported first by Rolling Stone, Hasbro Toy Company bought out Entertainment One, which also has a part of the company that has its hands in the music business. E One's musical division accrued more than $30,000,000 in 2019's first quarter.

Six years ago, the organization purchased Death Row's entire catalog for around $280,000,000. The CEO of the company, Brian Goldner, expressed his happiness at owning the respected record company.

While Death Row Records has become easily one of the most iconic and influential record labels of all time, it's co-founder, Marion "Suge" Knight, however, has had a difficult time.

One year ago in October of 2018, Knight was slapped with 28 years in prison for hitting and killing Terry Carter in his vehicle and subsequently leaving the scene of the crime. The incident was reportedly caught on tape as well, moreover, CNN reported that he faced life in prison for one count of attempted murder of Cle "Bone" Sloan, who survived the accident.

Back in April 2018, Will Smith shared a story of how he once met Michael Jackson, which was inadvertently tied to Suge Knight. Will claims that Suge Knight caused a disturbance one evening at an event, and he rushed into a closet alongside Michael Jackson.

Smith told the story of how he turned around to see the iconic singer in the closet behind him. Smith and Michael shared their opinions on Suge's behavior, including how he always managed to find himself in trouble.

Michael jokingly said to Will Smith that Suge was the type of person who, no matter how much success and fame he managed to achieve, would never be happy. Will joked that he was worried about Suge hearing what he had to say about him, however, as it was noted above, the Death Row Records co-founder has been in prison since 2018.

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