Sugar Bear Has A Meltdown And Tries To Lunge At Step-Daughter Despite Denying Being Abusive

Sugar Bear Has A Meltdown And Tries To Lunge At Step-Daughter Despite Denying Being Abusive

During the From Not to Hot reunion on Friday night, Sugar Bear was caught going after one of Mama June’s daughters! The shocking incident comes following her accusations that Sugar Bear had an abusive past.

During the opening, Honey Boo Boo was asked about her relationship with Sugar Bear ever since her mother split with him back in 2014.

The 11-year-old admitted that he hasn’t been very involved in her life ever since starting his relationship with his now wife Jennifer Lamb but at least he does text her once in awhile.

Alana also stated that Sugar bear has quite a temper and that he needs “anger management” classes.

After the young reality star finished her interview, Mama June, Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb took central stage and the drama unfolded soon after.

The fight started when Sugar Bear accused Mama June of not letting him see Alana.

“He doesn’t even know his own child,” Mama June argued. “Sugar Bear, please, for once be honest with you.”

The man shouted back that he has done some legal work regarding the custody issue and that she is going to receive the documents very soon.

Then he proceeded to swear at her.

“That’s all I got to f*****g say. I’m done! You stupid b***h!”

But that was only the beginning of the brawl. As the man stormed off the stage in anger he overheard his step-daughter, Lauryn, calling him a “piece of s**t father."

Sugar Bear had a full on meltdown as he was seen ripping off his shirt, kicking walls and trying to lunge at Lauryn for her comment.

As fans may already know Sugar Bear has denied abusing his children in the past.

“No, I never abused them kids. I love them kids!” he said.

But that is not what Mama June has said! The reality TV star claimed that he has caused the kids “emotional and physical scars” for years.


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