Sublime Bassist Praises Post-Malone - Says One Has To Look Past The 'Face Tats'

Sublime Bassist Praises Post-Malone - Says One Has To Look Past The 'Face Tats'
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According to a report from Page Six, Post Malone is a lot nicer than some people might assume. In other words, don't judge him by his face and body tattoos claims the bassist for the legendary rock band, Sublime.

This past Monday, Post-Malone put on a show while at The Cutting Room with the Sublime With Rome bass player, Eric Wilson, who was part of his backing band.

Wilson said to reporters from the outlet that he didn't know who Post Malone even was until they collaborated on the Bud Light Dive Bar tour gig.

Eric said he was surprised by how cool and kind Mr. Malone was. Eric "doesn't listen to the radio," so he wasn't entirely sure who the young rapper was. However, once he started to learn the rapper's songs, he became more familiar with him and started to really "enjoy his music."

Eric urged would-be fans of his not to be scared or intimidated by all of his facial tattoos. "He's a sweetheart," Wilson added. As it was mentioned above, Wilson is the bassist of Sublime With Rome, the band created following the death of their original singer in 1996.

Fans of Post Malone know that he's a huge fan of rock music, even trying to get into a band before he ventured out on his own into the hip-hop world. Post Malone, however, despite his persona as a really nice and chill guy, has encountered a few different controversies.

In the past, media journalists, as well as some social media users, have accused him of being a "culture vulture," insinuating that Post Malone "stole" aspects of African-American culture. However, Post's musical diversity as an artist as well as his cheery personality is at the heart of why so many people like him.

Post has collaborated with stars of different genres, including the country music legend, Keith Urban. Keith and Post-Malone shared the stage together for an Elvis Presley tribute, in which they did a duet of the classic song, "Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do?"

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