Stranger Things Star Shannon Purser Reveals Her Sexual Orientation On Twitter

Stranger Things Star Shannon Purser Reveals Her Sexual Orientation On Twitter
Source: ET Online

Stranger Things star Shannon Purser is bisexual!!! The actress made the announcement by tweeting a screenshot of her iPhone notes which read a message about the experience she’s going through.

"I don't normally do this..” is the beginning of the post that Shannon used to let her fans know about her sexual orientation.

The 19-years old actress said that she recently come out as bisexual to her family and friends and that it’s still a process she’s trying to figure out. She added that she’s new to the LGBT community, so she’s not yet comfortable with talking about the subject.

The news may not come as a shock for those who follow Purser’s Twitter posts. Recently, she has been more and more engaged in discussing the pressure that comes with defining one's sexuality.

Before revealing that she’s bisexual, Shannon clashed with some viewers about a same-sex kiss between Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Veronica (Camila Mendes) on the show Riverdale.

She defended herself against accusations of "queer-baiting" and added that she never wanted to alienate anyone and that her tweets weren’t about all the “beronica” shippers, just the ones who have been particularly cruel to her personally.

The starlet used Twitter in the past to address her self-harm and body issues. Also, last year, she tweeted that she never thought a girl with her body type could get this far.

Back in 2016, Shannon shared a photo of her holding a razor blade, saying that she hasn’t harmed herself in years, but she likes to keep that around, 'just in case.'

Her tweets are often open, vulnerable and very disturbing, but at the least, she always ends with an optimistic outlook for the future.


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