Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Dating Jacob Sartorius!

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobby Brown Dating Jacob Sartorius!
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According to new reports, there is a brand new young couple in Hollywood, and you probably wouldn’t really imagine the two together. Apparently, there is a romance brewing between Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown and Jacob Sartorius!

Despite the two being just 13 – Millie and 15 – Jacob, they are allegedly spending a lot of time together and not just because they are close pals.

They are actually in the early stages of young love, some insiders have revealed.

They definitely enjoy being in each other’s company and that is why they have been taking small steps towards going public with their relationship.

That being said, Millie took to social media to share a pic with the singer back in October!

Ever since then, the two teens have been flirting in the comments on each other’s platforms.

Millie also shared one pic featuring her cuddling a huge stuffed bear, captioning it ‘Thanks for the bear.’

The mystery on who she was thanking for the awesome present was solved soon enough when Jacob commented ‘of course.’

Meanwhile, Jacob has also been posting about her and their relationship on his account.

Of course, as the youngsters are trying to slowly ease into being public, all of their posts are pretty subtle.

‘Just another day with you on my mind,’ Jacob tweeted, and soon after, Millie liked it!

They even spent New Year’s Eve at Walt Disney World in Orlando, with the Stranger Things star’s family.

Although the news started as rumors, it was soon confirmed when fans shared photo proof of the couple there.

What do you think about Millie and Jacob dating? Do you think they are going to last?


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